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Mechanical Jobs



Servicing generally takes place in three or four different forms, oil and filter change, interim service and a full or major service. The single most important thing that a person can do to prolong the life and performance of their car is to have an oil and filter change once a year or every six to twelve thousand kilometres.

By changing the oil, you reduce the chance of wear on engine components. The oil filter needs to be changed at the same time because oil carries dirt and particles that clog up the filter which will ultimately reduce the life of the engine and its efficiency.

The more intense the service, the more parts and components will be checked, to some extent all levels of servicing will help in the following:

  • Saving you money- Preventing untimely breakdowns
  • Increasing your Kmpl (i.e. make your fuel last longer)
  • Increase your all-round general vehicle safety

We offer three different services for vehicles:

Oil Service

We only use Premium fully synthetic engine Oil of recommended grade for your engine.

  • Oil Filter Change
  • Oil Change

Interim Service

Our Interim Service includes everything from the Oil Service plus:

  • Visual brake check 
  • Tyre condition and pressure check
  • On-board diagnostic health check
  • Under bonnet fluids check and top-up
  • Visual assessment and recommendations
  • Vehicle lighting check

Full Service

Our Full Service includes everything from the Interim Service plus:

  • Air filter change
  • Fuel filter change (for Diesel cars)
  • Pollen filter 
  • Spark/Glow plugs change
  • Coolant inspection
  • Braking system inspection
  • Suspension inspection
  • Headlamp check and adjustment
  • Windscreen washer and wiper check
  • Screen wash top-up
  • Transmission oil & filter change
  • Power steering operation inspection/check

Brake System overhaul

Brake Pads, brake discs, brake fluid, brake wear sensor inspection and change

Suspension system overhaul

Suspension components such as lower & upper control arms, shock absorbers, stabilizer links, coil springs or air-bellows (for vehicles with air suspension) inspection & replace.

Steering system overhaul

Inspection of power steering system for leakages, wear & tear of parts.


Tyre wear inspection & tread wear depth. New tyres, tyre fitment, wheel balancing & wheel alignment services. 

AC system service & repair

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system should be serviced each year to check it and top it up with refrigerant. Also cleaning your air conditioning in your car will help maintain the cold air output and eliminate bad odours and bacteria.

Many dealers will charge a lot for this service, but here at Junction Motors, we offer an excellent value service with a flat price for Air Conditioning refills.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Sometimes the problem is not with refilling and that the air conditioning unit needs repairing.

We will check for leaks, check the filters and the operation of the pump. If any of these are not working correctly, then our air conditioning repair will fix them. Meaning you can enjoy comfortable conditions when driving your car.


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